How to Get Leads for your Newsletter

By Lanee’ Bunt
Make it easy for people to sign
up for your newsletter--

Keep your business name infront of your prospects. As a small business you also have to get formercustomers to use your business again and give you repeat business. Although coldcalling is an effective way: by calling the prospect and asking if they areready to buy—it is not for everyone. If you don’t like cold calling there areother alternatives like sending prospects your newsletter.

Buy or rent a mailing List. Makesure that all of the subscribers on your mailing list have opt-in to receive anewsletter from you.  You must havegained their email address by their permission or by signing up for yournewsletter, or subscribing to receive updated information, and they have takensome kind of action to indicate they’d want to receive information fromyou.  Provide a way for recipients tounsubscribe to your email, so make it easy for them to opt-out from your emailprogram.

Make your website easy foryour prospects to sign up for your email newsletter.  Create a way to capture the email addresseson your website. Make sure that all of the subscribers on your list have opt-into receive an email newsletter from you. “The most important thing to rememberis that all subscribers on your list must take some type of action to indicatethey would like to receive email communications from your company,” accordingto Simms Jenkins, in his book, The Truthabout Email Marketing, (FT Press, 2009). You can sign up for anautoresponder service. This service will collect subscriber’s email addressesfrom your website, manage your newsletter account by sending it to people thatrequested it.

Give your prospects anincentive for signing up for your newsletter by giving them a special gift. Forexample, free downloads of your ebook.

SimmsJenkins; The Truth about Email Marketing;FT Press; 2009