How to Use Direct Mail

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct mail can help you getleads, sell your products and get repeat business. Small businesses oftenstruggle to get a marketing program. There are many advantages to using directmail and it can be targeted toward a group of prospects. The message may bepersonalized and can also be designed as an effective market research tool.

Use direct mail to obtainleads for sales representatives or a telemarketing staff. If you need moreleads for your firm you can use a sales letter to generate leads. You can getmore qualified leads by using a mailing list. When you need more prospects sendout another batch of letters. There will be no cold calling when you call theprospect they will expect to hear from you if you send them a reply card in yourpackage. Most of they time they will check the “call me” box on the card.

Build a customer list
Direct mail can be used tobuild a customer list who is interested in areas related to your specialty.

Keep in Touch
Direct mail can be used tostay in contact with your customers. You don’t have to be too pushy by askingif they are ready to buy from you, just send them a direct mail package.

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