How to Measure Direct Mail Results

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct mail can be targetedto specific groups and prospects. It is one of the most measurable marketingtools. It can be carefully targeted and you can create ways that will traceback new leads and let you know which campaign worked.

You may have several adcampaigns running simultaneously, or you have received a lot of orders, orcalls and increased traffic to your website after a direct mail campaign. Thereis no need to assume that you know where the leads came from, but it is a wayto measure or track your direct mail results. A measurement system shouldmeasure important activities of the direct marketing program which will relateto the success or failure of the campaign.

Use Tracking Codes
Incorporate a tracking codeon your coupons and on your self-addressed reply cards, forms or envelopes.These tracking codes will be different and for certain pieces only.

Toll-Free Number
Offer a specific toll-freetelephone number. There may be many different letters or direct mail piecesthat you are using, so set-up a different toll-free number for each direct mailpackage.

Email Address

Set up an email address andonly use it for a certain campaign.

Tracking systems help yougauge the results of your campaign before you send out a large-scale campaign.It will save you time and money to actually know what worked and what didn’t.

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