Tips on How to Write a Business Proposal

By Lanee' Blunt

A good proposal is alwayswell organized, easily readable, and understandable. You must convince theclient that your business is the right choice for the job. A proposal is usedfor bidding on a request for proposal (RFP), asking for funding, or used topersuade potential clients or customers to support the proposal financially.

Before you begin to writethe proposal, deconstruct the request for proposal (RFP), sentence by sentence.Make sure that you understand what the RFP is asking. Write an outline whichaddresses every term and requirement. With an outline you will address theRFP’s specification, cut down on confusion, and organize your thoughts. Writingwithout an outline leads to confusion and you might end up with a proposal thatdoes not meet the RFP standards.

Assign deadlines forcompletion of different parts of the proposal. If other people are responsiblefor other sections of the proposal assign deadlines for them. Set deadlines foreach section so that when the proposal deadline approaches you will have it inon time. Identify the resources that you will need to provide the technicaldescriptions and compliance matrices.

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