Direct Mail Advantages

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct mail is effective ingetting sales leads and can help you market your service. A good direct mailpackage for your company can make your prospect take action. Small businessesshy away from direct mail because they don’t understand how it can work fortheir particular company.  Sales letterscan be a powerful tool for your business if handled the right way.

A great benefit of usingdirect mail is that it can be tested to see how well it will do. Before youinvest your time and your money in a direct mail program you should testit.  You have to know if the direct mailwill pull a response.  You can use asmall sample of one hundred letters, mail them and test your response.  If the direct mail is not strong enough andyou receive no response then you must revise your letter.

Follow up
The direct mail package canbe used to stay in touch with your former customers and your prospects.  You can use a brochure with your letter, orsend something that you’ve written like one of your published articles. Thismay help the prospect make the decision to use your firm by giving theminformation that is beneficial.