How to Use Postcards to Advertise a Business

By Lanee' Blunt

Postcard advertising is easyto use and it is an effective form of direct mail. They are inexpensive andeasy to create, and put your message in front of your prospect. They allow youto keep your prospects informed, generate leads, and announce special sales.

You can use postcardadvertising selectively. You can send postcards by the tons, or you can justsend one to any group of customers on your mailing list.

Postcards can create leadsby letting customers know of events you are planning, for example a sale, or aspecial promotion. They can be used as a follow up to prospects that haven’tresponded to your mailing program, by keeping your business name in front ofthem. They can be used with other pieces of your direct mail at certain timesof the month. Let the prospect know that you are offering a special discountwithin a certain time period.

Postcards can be used as aprinted reminder to come in and service their car, or to visit your website foradditional information.

Postcards are an effectiveway to advertise and they reach your prospects with a professional approach.They are a great low cost way to get familiar with how direct mail can work foryour business.

Advertising for SmallBusinesses: Post Card Advertising

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