Tips for Creating a Brochure

By Lanee' Blunt

Creating a brochure for your business is an excellent marketing decision. A brochure says that your company is here to compete and provides useful information to your prospects. People will read your brochure if they are interested in your product or service.

Got down ideas, write down everything that comes to your mind and start crossing things off that are not informative. List all of the features of using your product or service. The content of the brochure is very important so you must inform the prospect by making sells points.

Put a strong selling message on the cover. The cover is the first thing that people notice and it should go above the photo or below it doesn’t matter. Arouse curiosity or offer a reward for opening the brochure.

Your visuals can be photo of your company or your product. You can also use clip art if you like. Some clip art you can get online and download to your computer. Also you can buy a clip art software program that you can use in the brochure. Write a caption under all visuals. Think about the artwork as helping you to make your sales points. A good brochure demonstrates the product by showing the customer how useful it is in the picture. When you place people in the photos you add to the visual’s appeal because people really like looking at pictures with people in them.

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