Writing a Marketing Letter

By Lanee' Blunt

Marketing studies have shown that sales letters are extremely powerful and can out pull other collateral pieces like postcards and brochures. They are very cost effective and can be made on your computer using a laser printer. A copywriter can write a powerful direct mail package for you, but if you don’t want to hire a writer you can write the letter yourself with a few pointers.

Write a headline. Think about the newspaper and how the headlines grab the reader’s attention. People are busy and they have any things that will take their attention away from your letter. Start writing down keywords and see what you come up with. Gain the attention of your reader with a strong headline.

After you write the headline start the body of the letter. Stress some benefits of using your service or product. Does it save time?  Is it cheaper than the competition? Does it come with a guarantee?

Let them know how you can be reached. Give all of your contact information address, phone number, email address, and fax.

Call to Action
You must have a call to action that will tell the reader to pick up the phone and call you. If the product is sold by mail ask them to mail in an order. Make it easy for your prospect to take action by including a reply card.

Make sure your sales letter looks professional and spell and grammar check before you send it.

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