What is a Promotional Mix?

By Lanee’ Blunt

Sales promotions areinducements that a business uses to encourage the purchase of a product orservice. The promotion mix includes sales promotion, advertising, directmarketing, publicity, and personal selling.

What is Promotion Mix?
The promotional mix is thecoordination of marketing activities which includes publicity, sales promotion,advertising, direct marketing and personal selling. It is a coordination ofactivities that you will do to directly interact with your customers. Forexample giving sales presentations helps you to interact with the customers’one-on-one to answer their questions and demonstrate your product.

The promotional mix’s goalwould be to inform persuade and remind your customer about your product orservice. Sales promotion is inducements with the purpose of encouragingcustomers to buy for example, cents off coupons. Merchandising is used in thestore to stimulate sales. For example displays, signs and posters. Thepromotional mix uses advertising which is a paid form of non-personalpresentation. Public relations are firms communicating with their customers,employees and stockholders. It is important that a business have a solidreputation with customers. For example, one way firms communicate is by sendingout newsletters or press releases. Personal selling is used either by phone orface-to-face to the prospect, for example, to address your customers concernsand answer their questions directly.

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