How to Create a Basic Company Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt

Compete with a company brochure--

Creating a company brochure doesn’thave to be difficult. Brochures are not just for large corporations, but forsmall businesses and consultants also. It can be a sales tool for your smallbusiness that might help you get your foot in the door, or help you sell yourbusiness product.

Before you begin thebrochure think about who your audience is. Are you creating a brochure for aspecial client, B2B, engineers, or insurance companies? Your brochure must fitinto the information needs of your audience. For example, engineers may be interested in the performancespecifications of your product.

This is the perfectadvantage to tell the customer everything in detail about your small business.This may sound obvious but there are many small business brochures that I haveread that are merely just a long list of items, giving no details about thecompany, the service, or how it works. Tell the customer everything that they need to know about your product,write about the features, what is included—hours range of products or services,the specifications and the performance. Give facts.

There are many sections thatyou can use in the brochure. Sections can include information about product,service, price, ordering, and information on the owners or management. Useheadings and subheads with bullets. Keep it simple by breaking large text intoeasy to read sections.

Desktop Publishing
A desktop publishing programwill make your brochure look professional. Organize it with headings andsubheads which make it easy to read. Save your brochure in a PDF file if youwant to put it online.  You can use agood laser or an ink jet printer to print as many or as few brochures as youneed.

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