Create a Brochure Online

By Lanee’ Blunt
Create your brochure online without the hassle.

Brochures can be made online.You can make company brochures and add your company logo or photographs of yourproduct or service.  They are easy tomake and you don’t have to learn a desktop publishing software program. You canprint the brochure yourself or you can have the online company print them andship them to you. Choose from many designs or upload your own designs andpictures.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Open an online brochuretemplate. Some online brochure companies have nothing to download or install onyour computer.  You will be able todesign your own printable brochure. 

Select a brochure bybrowsing the templates. There are many designs to choose from that can bechanged to suit your needs. You can customize your brochure. Choose a templatethat represents your business. For example, if you are a copywriter choose abrochure with a typewriter or keyboard on the cover. Click on a design that youlike.

Select your logo design or theyhave their own logos, backgrounds and you can also use your own photographs orselect photos from their gallery.  Selectthe font size for the text on your brochure. Type your name, address, phonenumber, and website address.  Write shortcatchy headlines that will get your customer’s attention on every panel of thebrochure.  Keep your paragraphs brief anda use bulleted list for eye appeal. Write a strong call to action. You musthave a call to action that tells the reader to pick up the phone and call now.If the product is sold by mail ask them to send for a catalog.

Save your file. With someonline brochure companies you can save your file in PDF format so that it canbe printed professionally, or you can order from them and they will print themfor you and ship them within a few days or you can print the brochure yourself. Make any changes and readjustmentsnecessary to the saved file and print.


Make sure that you proofreadthe information before you print.