How to Make an Effective Business Brochure

Content is what sells, sowhen you think about having a fancy brochure; make sure that you write itpersuasively. Every small business should have a brochure. The brochure helpsyour small business to become better known in the market place.  It helps the customer get a detailed accountof your company or service.

There has to be a headlineon the cover of the brochure. Some people will only read the first page, and sowork hard in the headline to gain interest in what you are selling. “The coverof a brochure works like the headline of a print advertisement. State yourposition or promise a benefit to the reader,” according to Kenneth Roman, JaneMass, and Martin Nisenholtz, in their book, Howto Advertise.

Explain completely what yourservice is about.  What do you offer theclient that is different from your competition? What are the types of accountsyou handle?

How does it Work?
How does the product work?Explain in detail the features of the product. Give the prospect most of theinformation that they need to know so they can take the next step and purchasethe product. 

A small business brochurecan help to sell your business and make a big difference, when prospects askfor more information.  Customer’s want toread about your business or product especially if they are about to spend a lotof money.  They want to make sure theyare making the right decision.


Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass,and Martin Nisenholtz; How to Advertise; 2003