Direct Mail Advertising Tips

By Lanee’ Blunt

A sales letter can beproduced with a laser printer, letterhead stationary, and a qualified mailinglist.  Direct mail is an excellent way tosell your products.  You can write akiller sales letter that will get your foot in the door.  If you hate cold calling; sending direct mailto a qualified mailing list has been proven effective in gaining better leads.

Focus on the Audience
What is the prospect’sproblem, and how can your company help them? Your direct mail will tell the reader the benefits of using yourbusiness. This will help you write a tight well targeted letter.

Begin with a desirablebenefit and what the customer wants from your service that your competitorcannot match. The sales letter’s focus will be on the benefits of the customerand what the consumer wants. Try not to focus on your company and how great youare, but focus on what your company does for the prospect. Does your product orservice save the consumer money? Improve productivity? Does your software solveproblems? Stress benefits in your letter.

The P.S. and ShouldYour Sales Letter Have One
The advantage of having aP.S. on your sales letter is that it has been known to lift response.  You should not waste any time here, give thetime limited offer again, your free gift, or your best benefit.  You can put your toll free number if you haveone, or just a regular telephone or fax number will do.