How to Make a Business Card on Microsoft Word Templates

By Lanee’ Blunt

When you create yourbusiness card, unfortunately, hiring a professional designer may be out of yourbudget. You can still have a professional business card that is cost effective,visually appealing, and able to capture the essence of what your company is allabout. Your business card should look profdssional, so that you will be readyto compete in the market place.  

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things you’ll need:
Business card stock
Microsoft Word
Color printer

1.      Open Microsoft Word and click “New”.

2.      Choose the kind of publication you want in the “New”task pane. Click “Templates online”. 

3.      Look at the templates. Choose a publication designthat you like in the gallery.   A Businesscard template appears. Click on card. Click download.

4.      Type your business information into the personalinformation page.  This includes yourname, job or position, organization name, address, phone, fax, and email.

5.      Import your company logo right in the design of the businesscard. Your logo should be a design that expresses what your business is andhelps you stand out from the competition.

6.      Save the file.

7.      Print one copy to be sure that you like the colorscheme and layout.  If you don’t you canalways go back into your saved file and make any changes and readjustments.

8.      Print enough copies so that you can have them fordaily use.