Developing a Marketing Plan

By Lanee' Blunt

Developing a marketing planfor your company can help you define your market. Marketing is more thatadvertising. A marketing plan helps you focus your efforts toward what will getthe best results for your company. Your strategy is to try and understand yourcustomers and take action toward delivering your product or service to them.

Set your objectives. What isyour goal for the marketing plan? Establish marketing objectives that willaccomplish your business goals.

Create a vision statement.This is a mission statement for your company that will specify exactly whatyour long term vision is. Identify the attributes of your product or servicethat define the brand and its long-term position.

Create a marketing budget.Your budget information is what you have set aside either per quarter or perannual for marketing your business. Set your prices for your product or serviceas a competitive rate. Evaluate the process of the marketing planseffectiveness. Measure your results against the standards that you set when youmade or set your goals. Develop a schedule for which gives a timeline for eachof your marketing actions.

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