Creating a Powerful Brochure

By Lanee' Blunt

A brochure is a powerfulpiece of marketing collateral. It can be created by you and saved on a PDF fileand taken to a professional printer. When planning your brochure don’t waituntil the last minute when you really need it, for example trying to win a bid.

Have a plan before you startto create the brochure. Write about your selling points. Provide informationabout your benefits and list all of the features about your product or service.You should give consideration to the design and the format of the brochure butthe content is the most important part of a brochure. The purpose of thecontent is to inform and persuade your reader into intention selling.

Desktop publishing softwarewill help you create the brochure. You can upload images and scan photos ofyour company. Organize it with headings and subheads and use creative fontsizes this will make it easy to read. Save your brochure in a PDF file if youare using a professional printer and using a PDF file will let you upload yourbrochure online into your website. A good printer will do the job also if youhave the capabilities to print double sided.

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